Chemical Mistakes

Ever since we were little kids, we were always told to never eat plastic because of chemicals, but now with the new technology and everything we don’t have to worry about that; or do we? In recent studies, BPA was found in everyday plastics bottles that we drink from. It’s not a huge deal to a normal person but to a pregnant woman, it is. Plastic water bottle companies should focus more and be more aware of the dangerous chemical in their plastic.

BPA, bisphenol-A for short, is a chemical that in pregnant woman can lead to miscarriages and have problems with their child. Dr. Ruth Lathi states that miscarriages are caused by egg or chromosome problems that can be caused by the chemical BPA. Woman everyday always try to stay the healthiest when they are pregnant with a child. Drinking water is an important step of becoming healthier but with the dangerous chemicals, is it worth drinking the water? Woman are now going to be terrified of drinking water from plastic bottles because they are afraid that they might have a miscarriage of any sort. Losing a child is definitely not something you want to happen to you or anyone. It’s worst to lose a baby who hasn’t even been born. They haven’t had a chance to live their life and see the world for the first time. It’s sad how this is possible to any American pregnant woman.  Statistics prove that woman with higher BPA levels have an 80% chance of higher infertility and miscarriage issues. Plastic water bottle companies should definitely pay more attention into avoiding this dangerous chemical in their bottles. With better awareness, the amount of BPA levels will decrease in pregnant  woman ultimately decrease the possibilities of a miscarriage.

We live in a world where you are never fully safe. Who knew that plastic water bottles could have such a drastic effect on some people. There needs to be better research and prevention against this hazardous chemical and the side effects of it.

One thought on “Chemical Mistakes

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